SuperTV 5.49

Watch online TV channels from around the world


  • More than 1000 channels
  • Easy to browse channels


  • Poor interface
  • Not all the channels work
  • Slow to load the videos
  • Quality not so good

Not bad

If you've ever wanted to have a look at foreign television broadcasts, just out of curiosity or to improve your language skills, now you have a chance to watch programs from Australia to Mexico and everywhere in between.

SuperTV’s interface is very basic (it consists of nothing more than a video window and a channel-selection sidebar). However, the variety of channels from all over the world is huge and, when all are working, is surely a plus in comparison to its competitors. We encountered problems in watching US and UK channels but the application didn't display any message to explain if the programs were not shown because of copyright reasons or because of temporary connection problems.

That said, the video streaming is very slow to start and the video quality is not as good as what you can get with other programs. It's nice though to browse around channels from all over the world, even if what you can get are mostly satellite channels, so not necessarily very representative of the television you could get in a specific country.

Unfortunately, not yet a substitute for your satellite subscription but it could be an interesting introduction to other countries’ TV channels.



SuperTV 5.49

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